Another Big day at Apple

Apple continues to amaze. Excitement build-up. Total secrecy. Rumor mill in full works. Then the day comes like this morning! A perfectly scripted, 2-hour extravaganza packed with new products and features. The Steve Jobs tradition lives – perfect execution of a marketing event!

Tim Cook started off with the Apple Watch update.  The cool fashionable Apple Watch Hermes with great bands and watch faces. Another sports lineup with gold, rose gold, and anodized aluminum colors plus red band to go with. There were cool demos of new Watch apps, such as AirStrip where a pregnant mother can monitor baby’s heartbeat and transmit that to the doctor instantly. Other apps include Facebook messenger, GoPro, calendar, etc.

Next was the big news of iPad Pro, a large 12.9″ screen with multi-touch and 5.6m pixels. It comes with a full size smart keyboard that can get connected magnetically. The chip is A9X, a 64-bit powerhouse that doubles in performance compared to the A8X. Interestingly this iPad is 22 times faster than the original iPad. Apple also introduced a new smart pencil to draw sketches on the iPad Pro. Due to its large real estate, multiple applications can be parked, as shown by Microsoft Office guys (Excel, Word, and Powerpoint on the same screen). Adobe also demoed its comp, Photoshop Fix, and Photoshop Sketch on the iPad Pro. The iPad Pro comes at a hefty price of $799(32GB) and $949(128GB) and more for the 256GB one. The pencil costs $99 and keyboard is a hefty $169.

The other big news was the Apple TV, a revamped receiver and a brand new remote with cool features such as button for Siri and touchpad to scroll faster. Tim Cook said the future of TV is Apps such as iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, etc. The operating system is called tvOS based on iOS where developers can build new applications. It will be better user experience for sure. I like the remote control with a volume adjustment button. That way, you won’t need another remote control for the TV. This is great for Apple TV users like me who have abandoned cable for ever. This is the future for TV for sure.

Finally there was the iPhone. As predicted Apple introduced two new versions, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The big feature is the 3D Touch where apps can pop up for quick viewing and disappear. It has a better camera with 12 MP power with HD video or 4K video. Tim Cook mentioned that iPhone has grown 35% overall during last one year, but 75% in China. The new operating system iOS9 which is available on Sept. 12. The 6s ranges in price from $199 to $399, and 6s Plus costs $299 and up – no change from existing iPhone6 and 6Plus prices.

As usual, it was a delightful event with many cool innovations complimented with the baritone voice of Johny Ive on video for each new product design.


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