Enterprise IT Trends for 2014

I enjoyed reading this article in InfoWorld by Eric Knorr and thought its worth repeating here. He listed nine trends in enterprise IT for 2014 and beyond, as follows:

1. Cloud is the new hardware, software-defined data center (sddc)                                     – Entire infrastructure virtualized and software-defined

2. Systems of Engagement lead the way, not systems of record of the past                      – Customer-facing web and mobile applications

   3. Big Data gets ahead of itself, just the beginning before sensor data, M2M come in big force
       – Too many solutions looking for problems, many will not survive. Look for the good ones that support crazy scale-out models.
   4. Cloud integration moves to the fore
       – Better integration and more/better APIs, avoid a new generation of silo’s under the cloud.
   5. Identity is the new security
       – Managing who has access to what.
   6. Memory is the new storage
       – Many in-memory options for relational databases, large distributed cache using flash memory in servers.
   7. The future is powered by JavaScript
       – Diversity of client hardware requires common browser-based framework, not client-resident software
   8. Enterprise developers turn toward PaaS, development without operations
       – Microsoft Azure, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, RH OpenShift, SFDC Heroku
   9. Developers continue to rule
       – Software is eating the world (Mark Andreessen said two years back). Developer is the king. But there are serious shortage of  skills. Demand will be high with big salaries.
I would like to add a tenth one, just an elaboration on items 2/3
  10. Enterprise Data Management gets new life, not just Big Data analysis via Hadoop clusters
       – Modern web-based applications will use new NoSQL options such as MongoDB for fast coding velocity, high scalability, and  lower TCO.  Legacy applications on RDBMS will continue with new Systems of Engagement built with modern database technologies.

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