Apple Market Value exceeds $500B

Wow Apple! The market value exceeded $500B and now everyone is speculating if it will reach One Trillion, which no company has ever aspired. As I look into the valuation this morning, Apple is at $505B. Microsoft is almost at half of that at $266B. Look at the other big ones in technology sector – Oracle ($146B), Amazon($82B), Cisco ($107B), IBM ($229B), Intel ($134B), Google ($201B), and HP($50B). Other stalwarts for comparison are – Wal-Mart($202B), GE($202B), and Exxon Mobile($408B).

Someone commented that if Apple was part of the Dow Jones, then the value would have exceeded 14000 few months back. Apple is an American pride institution that symbolizes great creativity, innovation, and visionary leadership in planning and execution. Once written off as a “has-been”, Apple came back with a vengeance largely due to the dynamic leadership and imagination of the late Steve Jobs. He married liberal arts and computer science into a blend of consumer products that reached the pinnacle of success. It puts the leadership at Microsoft and even Google to the back benches. Let us not even talk about HP.

Steve put together a great leadership team and Apple will continue on its growth for next couple of years. They will announce the new iPad 3 next week on March 7th. I am sure newer versions of iPhone and MacBooks are on the pipeline. Their foray into television should begin to shake up that sector, much like what they did to music, smartphones and tablets. For now, Tim Cook and team seem to charge forward with the same vigor as their departed leader.

At a personal level, I was a user of all Apple products except the laptop, then I bought my first MacBook Air around Thanksgiving time. Now I am in love with my MacBook Air with its SSD and lightning fast boot-up. Every time I go back to my old IBM ThinkPad running Windows, I am in a time-warp of some prehistoric technology.

Hats off to Apple with its great success!


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