Good Bye, Steve Jobs

What a sad day! The news of Steve Jobs death came as a real shock. We all knew he was sick, but no one expected how fast the end would come. Tons have been written about his contribution to the tech world, the greatest innovator/designer that he was. His attention to design details and usability is legendary. Anything he touched became a category. The Apple digital products (iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac) have so deeply permeated the mainstream, that everyone feels a personal connection to Steve. All across the world, people are pouring out their emotions.

Steve had a spiritual side that is less known to the public. During the early 1970s he made a trip to India looking for the inner meaning of life and visited places like Varanasi and an ashram in the Himalayas. He was a converted Buddhist and even his marriage was conducted by a Buddhist monk from Stanford University. The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and the hippie culture of the early 1970s had an impact on his way of looking at the world. He always went with his own convictions and was quite non-linear in his approach. He followed his own intuition and beliefs. Hence we see such brilliant Apple products plus  the incredible animation products from Pixar.

In his famous Stanford speech to the graduating class of 2005, he spoke eloquently about death and his direct experience of coming face to face with it when the first diagnosis of pancreatic cancer happened.  In spite of a liver transplant and subsequent best possible medical care, death happened. This humbles all of us on how fleeting this life is.  In a famous dialog from the Indian mythology, a question was asked as to what is the most surprising thing in this world. The answer was quite profound and goes like this – everyday so many people die. But the remaining ones think they are immortal. That is the most surprising thing.

Steve, we pray for your soul to rest in peace. You will be missed.


One response to “Good Bye, Steve Jobs

  1. Jnan, very thoughfully written. Steve’s life is like a well scriped dramatic story, but truly real. Reflecting upon his childhood, his outster from Apple, his not so successful NeXT, but hugely succesful PIXAR , then his come back to Apple through NeXT to create some amazing and game changing devices and his sudden exit from this world after making Apple the most valuable enterprise is all like an unbeleivable chains of events and looks so well choreographed. And to top it all the Syrian connection. Truly amazing.

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