Quotable Quotes from D9

There is an interesting list of quotes made by  industry leaders this week at the “All Things Digital” conference. This was organized by Wall Street Journal hosts Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. The focus was mostly consumer brand software and platforms. Here are a few of my favorites.

Skype has a great engineering team, which I like to describe as ‘all of Estonia.’ (Marc Andreessen)

– Failure isn’t a problem. It’s the fear of failure that’s the limiting factor. You can’t lose your nerve for the big failure, because it’s the exact same nerve you need for the big success. (Regina Dugan, DARPA Director)

– Only two people have been on the cover of Time Magazine in bare feet. I’m one, the other is Gandhi. (Marc Andreessen)

– My friend’s three-year-old walked up to the TV and swiped and nothing happened and he said, ‘Dad, what’s wrong with the TV?’ (Marc Andreessen on the Tablet generation)

– Nothing called the “Gang Of Four” ends well.  (Steven Sinofsky of Microsoft on Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s “Gang of Four” technology companies, which does not include Microsoft)

– The transformation of Apple is probably the biggest tech story of the last 15 years. (Marc Andreessen)

– Globally local commerce is a $12 to $14 trillion market. If we get 10 percent of that, we’ll be very happy. (Andrew Mason of Groupon)

– Something will eventually replace the Internet. But it’s hard to know what and when it will happen. (Reed Hastings of Netflix)

– Twitter is the world. (Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder)

– This is no longer a battle of devices, it is a war of ecosystems. (Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO)


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