iPhone Competition

I am an iPhone user since the first generation came out back in 2007. I stayed with iPhone 2 until recently when I got the new iPhone 4. I certainly did not enjoy the process of getting that little gadget. I pre-ordered it and was told to pick it up at the store at 7am on June 24th., first day of its arrival. As soon as I reached at 7am, there was this long line. I was about to head back when someone said the pre-order customers will get it quick, in maybe an hour max. So I stayed and socialized with the folks near me in the line.

Well, it took almost 6 hours! Every time I questioned my sanity, it appeared like a few more minutes would be needed. I happened to get the protective guard and never had the antenna problem of dropped calls. What was remarkable was seeing people camping all night to get the iPhone 4. No one can match Apple in creating hype and anticipation.

It so happened that I saw a HTC Android phone this weekend at dinner and had a chance to look at it closely. The picture quality was striking! Much clearer than the iPhone 4. It addressed the known deficiencies of iPhone: camera quality, simultaneous apps., Flash support, physical keyboard,..etc. It of course imitated the key functions of the iPhone, the touch screen scrolls et al.

I am glad to see some competition to the iPhone. In our business success breeds arrogance and Apple has been displaying some of that lately. The only antidote is competition and a little market rebuff.

I am reasonably content with the iPhone. It is certainly faster than the original one. The AT&T service is still not the best and coverage is sporadic. I am yet to use the two-way camera for video calls. Some new functions like a common in-box is not of much use as it mixes varieties of email I like to keep separate. The folder concept is good and useful.

But I will certainly keep monitoring the Android offerings as an alternative.


2 responses to “iPhone Competition

  1. Better quality than the iPhone? Really? Time for a visit to an ophthalmologist.

    Also, Have you tried snapping pictures rapidly? See how much faster the iPhone is.

  2. I have been an iPhone user for almost four years. I did observe high quality pictures in an Android HTC phone. Also this report suggests Android is gaining ground over iPhone in the US market.

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