Musings on a hot summer Friday

The summer heat is here finally, temperature likely to hit 100 in south bay today, July 16th, a Friday. The stock market behaves as erratically as ever, going south at every little hint of an economic slowdown.

Steve Jobs finally owns up the antenna issue for iPhone4. I got mine on the first day after standing in line for hours (pre-ordered). Someone suggested that I get the case to protect the glass from touching any surface, as the new phone is flat compared to the 2G or 3G with a curved backside. So I did put on the side covers and guess what! I had no problems of dropped calls, my fingers never touched the left side antenna spot. But I am going to get that refund for the cover I paid for.

Google had their earnings yesterday and the search business saw reduced growth. Google has always been a “one trick pony” and all their attempts at diversification has failed so far in terms of revenue growth. The hope is lying on the new mobile phone platform Android. They are more threatened by Facebook and Twitter. I also learnt that the second most used search engine is guess who – Twitter. Users there, like the real-time search that has relevance as opposed to the classical “page-ranking” scheme from many years ago that Google pioneered. A bunch of static pages with wide variety of results is no longer viewed as exciting. Microsoft’s Bing is also gaining market share at the expense of Yahoo.

Then there is the news of Larry Ellison’s failure to take ownership of the Warriors basketball team which plays at the Oracle arena in Oakland (Oracle paid $30m for the name for ten years). The sale price for the Warriors was a record $450m in NBA’s history.

Fortune names ten top names in technology with Steve Jobs at number one. But Mary Meeker? Hello! When did “reporting progress” become¬† more interesting than “making progress”? There is Jim Bryer of Accel Partners and Zuckerberg of Facebook in the list.

Some folks think we are starting another boom time in Silicon Valley with new rising stars such as Twitter, Zynga, etc. The unemployment scene is still dismal. I liked Andy Grove’s view of the unemployment situation and his recommendations of bringing back factory work to the US. He recommends “job-centric” leadership to bring back jobs here.

Finally, the World cup soccer season is over and it was good to see Spain win the trophy for the first time.


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