VoltDB – open source OLTP DBMS

VoltDB just launched its product with the adjective – next generation open source OLTP DBMS. It’s description goes like this:

Under the leadership of Postgres and Ingres co-founder, Mike Stonebraker, VoltDB has been developed as a next-generation, open-source DBMS that has been shown to process millions of transactions per second on inexpensive clusters of off-the-shelf servers. It has outperformed traditional OLTP database systems by a factor of 45 on a single server, and unlike NoSQL key-value stores, VoltDB can be accessed using SQL and ensures transactional data integrity (ACID). VoltDB is ideal for developers of ad serving, gaming, software as a service (SaaS), financial trading, on-line businesses and other systems with large, fast-growing transaction volumes because VoltDB scales out easily on low-cost servers while providing automatic high availability for 24×7 operation.

So VoltDB is in-memory, it is ACID and SQL unlike the NoSQL brothers. It’s goal is to address the web application world which demands very high scalability. It has to provide ACID for OLTP workloads, something we all worked for last 25 years at places like IBM (DB2) and Oracle. You can read a technical preview of VoltDB by Curt Monash.

It is too soon to declare victory. Such databases take years to behave. The proof is when actual customer workloads are tried and tested. But Mike Stonebraker is a veteran in this space. So we will watch.


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