An afternoon in Hyderabad, India

From 3 days in Beijing’s cold weather, I fly to Delhi – a seven hour non-stop event via Air China, domestic carrier of China. We land at 2:30am and the temperature is like over 100 degrees. It hits you right away. What a contrast – from 40 degrees to 100 degrees just like that.

I spend an afternoon visiting an exciting US company’s India development center in Hyderabad. The temperature is around 109 degrees and very dry. The heat gets in your skin very quickly if you are outside.

I give a talk to 200 very young people, mostly under 30. This is the  new India with its largest youth population, eager to learn and compete in the world of technology. These kids are very aware of what is going on, from no-Flash-in-iPhone-iPad to the new trend of cloud computing. They are detail-oriented and dive into specific technology areas (flash-based web applications, handle .Net nuke, build advanced analytics on Oracle Manufacturing, etc.). When I talk about the importance of innovation and how that thrives in Silicon Valley, specifically at Stanford (starting point for many well-known names like Google, Yahoo, Sun, Cisco, MIPs,..) their eyes lit up with excitement.

They do want to see India 2.0, a place where innovation is emphasized more than just services. India 1.0 belonged to TCS, Wipro, Infosys, MindTree,.. whereas the India 2.0 will belong to those who can be creative and add value in terms of advanced UI, analytics, iPad based touch-screen apps., etc. Many of these folks have years of working at known companies like Oracle, Microsoft, and Infosys in Hyderabad. They are looking for developing web 2.0 type experience for the enterprise.

Besides the heat, the India visit was great fun.


One response to “An afternoon in Hyderabad, India

  1. Mr Jnan Dash,

    Great to have you Thanks God!

    Great sense of humor all along the talk was keeping us awake 🙂

    Lived every moment.. hope to see you again.

    Thank You,

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