Welcome 2010 & Cloud Computing

We just finished the first decade of this century/millennium. The early part of this decade saw great worry about the Year 2000 problem. Much gloom and doom was predicted, but things passed off smoothly. No apocalyptic upheaval.

As we usher into the next decade, the biggest buzzword is “Cloud Computing”, a rapprochement of ASP, SaaS, SOA, Virtualization, Grid Computing, Enterprise 2.0, etc. All these buzzwords have been making the rounds over past few years. Finally, computing as a “utility” seems practical and doable. Amazon took the lead in introducing AWS (Amazon Web Services) way back in 2003. It then brought in Storage as a Service concept via S3 (Simple Shared Storage). It also introduced EC2 (Elastic Computing Cloud), where Infrastructure as a Service became viable.

I just read a nice summary of this written by M.R. Rangaswamy of the Sand Hill Group. While the momentum is on, MR says large enterprises are going to be slow adapters. Much cloud adoption is in the SMB arena where lower TCO and capex override any concern for security and scale. Older vendors like IBM will offer a hybrid model – In-house systems and cloud. This is a no-brainer, as there is a huge legacy of production systems in Fortune 1000 companies running in the premises. But “pure cloud” vendors like Google, Amazon, and SalesForce.com will push for “cloud-only” approach.

Another area of interest is data management, the volume of which has never been seen before. There is the NoSQL movement to deal with unstructured data and framework like Hadoop combined with the MapReduce algorithm is getting quick adoption for fast search.

This decade will see a big landscape change in the computing arena – from the model of computing to how we store and manage data for access and analytics.

Welcome to 2010.


One response to “Welcome 2010 & Cloud Computing

  1. Last decade, too much attention was focused on technology innovation. Research labs produced great product ideas. Many of them never seen light. Some of them became blockbuster products. We added more and more functionality. Invented more and more programming languages. Added more complexity.

    As we turn to next decade, The technology innovations with real impact are those that reduce complexity. One of the tenants of the cloud computing is to eliminate the cost of complexity (or at least shift this burden to service providers) so that consumers can focus their scarce dollars on business innovations.

    Many people look at the cloud as a technology phenomenon. We have enough technology to deliver the information services to run our businesses. We should look at it as a business opportunity and an accelerator for innovation. For cloud to be successful, we need put aside the technology discussion and start thinking about how the Super Corp of 21st century going to work – who our partners are, who our customers are, and then think about how we can support customers, suppliers, partners, and collaborators better than ever before.

    Agility with stability is the key for future enterprises. Cloud computing is an enabler to achieve the nimbleness, agility, simplicity, and radical simplified cost structures for the 21st century super corps.

    As you pointed out, we will see a huge paradigm shift and change of computing landscape in 2010 and beyond.

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