Top Ten Technologies for 2010

Every year around this time, Gartner Group hosts its big conference in Florida and invites some big names from our industry to talk about new trends. Gartner Group also presents what will be hot in the following year. Sometimes, it is like stating the obvious.

I remember my days at Oracle when certain Gartner group analyst will spend time listening to my views of database futures. Next thing I know I have paid $2000 conference fee to listen to the same analyst presenting back mostly what I had told him. It’s a good business – this “information selling”.

In fairness though, Gartner Group listens to many people like me from different companies and consolidates the data and presents them as future trends.  So this month at their conference,  Gartner Group said the following ten technology trends for 2010.

1.  Cloud computing – style of computing that characterizes a model in which providers deliver a variety of IT-enabled capabilities to consumers.

2. Advanced Analytics – last year it was BI. So this year it has to be advanced analytics, although it is unclear what exactly that is. It is simulation, prediction, optimization, etc.  Neil Raden wrote a blog on why we don’t need Ph.D’s for doing advanced analytics.

3. Client Computing – new ways of packaging client computing via virtualization.

4. IT for Green – ways IT can enhance your green credentials in terms of energy savings, reduction of paper, reduction of travel, etc.

5. Reshaping the Data Center – cutting operational expenses.

6.  Social Computing – use of social software and social media in the enterprise and participation and integration with externally facing enterprise sponsored and public communities.

7. Security-activity monitoring – going from the old model of putting up a security perimeter fence to the new world of monitoring activities and identifying patterns that would have been missed before).

8. Flash memory – moving up to a new tier in storage echelon.

9. Virtualization for Availability – same old notion of virtualization for better systems availability.

10. Mobile Applications – by year-end 2010, 1.2 billion people will carry handsets capable of rich, mobile applications.


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