Conference Season begins

As summer winds down in August (vacation month), the conference season begins in September. First there is Office 2.0 just after labor day (September 3-5) in San Francisco, organized by Ismael Ghalimi, for the third year in a row. Ismael does a great job. I have attended and participated in both the earlier conferences in 2006 and 2007. The focus is wider than originally planned. Now it covers three key areas –  Collaboration + Mobility + Productivity.

Then in September also, Web 2.0 Expo happens in New York. This is the east coast version of the larger show in San Francisco last April. The usual suspects will be there singing the glory of Web 2.0, social networking, tagging, and how these things are moving to the enterprise. I will be there discussing Enterprise RIA from our Curl booth.

Comes October  and we have AjaxWorld 2008 in its west coast incarnation at the San Jose convention center, after the New York event last March. You can see how they are marketing this event via speakers such as me. I will be speaking on real world examples of Rich Internet Application deployment by various large companies. While we can discuss the charm and beauty of Web 2.0 or Ajax, the proof is in the pudding of real usage. Curl ‘s RIA platform is used extensively in Asia by many global companies for business-critical applications. This is a switch from old-world client-server architecture (of which Oracle, SAP, etc are based) to a web-based architecture.

And there are many other conferences between September-December.


One response to “Conference Season begins

  1. On the point of web 2.0 expo, Jnan.
    we would like to meet you or your representative there. i have left a message for you in linked in. i will appreciate your answer.


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