Which RIA Platform to choose?

This morning I read a very useful and interesting article written by my colleague Richard Monson-Haefel at Curl. He describes which RIA (Rich Internet Application) platform to chose for what purpose. In other words, there is no “one size fits all” solution. You would pick Ajax for simple consumer type applications such as Amazon.com. If you need animation, then Flex or Silverlight can be the right solution. For enterprise RIA applications which are stateful, transactional, with high scalability, security and performance needs, the MIT-Research-based product Curl is the right answer.

Since RIA is an emerging category, there exists a lot of confusion. Flash or Flex was the only choice and everyone thought that is the alternative to the first-generation (Web 1.0) technologies such as Javascript, CSS, DOM (the aggregate being termed Ajax). Ajax suffers from security and scalability issues for enterprise class RIA. Also, the complexity of code development is quite high in Ajax. Now we have choices outside Ajax and we would see these choices being adopted widely in the years to come.


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  2. The early challenges of Ajax remind me of the early challenges of Java. (Performance, scalability, complexity, …)

    However, just as Java matured and became arguably the most dominant programming language of the past 10 years, so to is Ajax maturing to address these common challenges of early-stage technologies.

    JavaScript libraries such as Prototype, JQuery, Dojo, and Appcelerator have all had significant impact on the these issues. The biggest performance challenge to date has been with the speed of the JavaScript engines embedded in the browsers. The newest generation of browsers have MUCH better JavaScript engines and give performance similar to Flex (in fact, the Flash player’s ActionScript engine is a Mozilla opensource project and is likely to become the same engine used in Firefox.

    I would encourage you to re-look at the landscape of “open web” technolgies’ capabilities. Ajax has really grown up in the last couple years. There are some very good use-cases for using player-based technologies like Flash/Flex, Silverlight, etc. But I typically use them for specific widgets within my overall Ajax application using a bridge. See Adobe’s James Ward’s suggestion:http://tinyurl.com/ajaxward

    $0.02 deposited


    VP Community Development

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