Few words from Japan – June2008

Writing this from Tokyo. I remember my first trip to Japan was 25 years ago, back in 1983 when I worked for IBM. I had come out to make several presentations on the then new technology of Relational Databases. I was part of the DB2 development team at IBM.

Now after many visits, I am here again. Always its amazing to me to see how simple things are so perfect here. Trains run on perfect time (so much so that you can adjust your watch per train departure times), taxi drivers wear white gloves and keep their taxis clean. There is no tipping anywhere. The politeness of the people is very visible and most of all, the work ethics amazes me the most. Everyone, be him a janitor or a construction worker or a systems programmer;  perform with utmost sincerity and efficiency. Everyone stays at the office for at least 10-12 hours a day.

As I met many customers and colleagues, I notice how efficient they are in the mobile technology. Of course my iPhone does not work here  (feel like coming from a third-world country these days). The Japanese use their mobile phone for credit card payment, checking maps and directions, full-function GPS, and much more. The taxi driver politely tells us the traffic ahead is going to be bad and suggests we take the subway instead, sacrificing his taxi fare.

There is much more use of Web 2.0 when it comes to RIA (Rich Internet Application). One customer is replacing all spreadsheet usage via a Curl-implemented web front-end simulatig the spreadsheet UI. Another client built a building security system using Curl, fully deployed on the web. They seem ahead in Enterprise adoption of RIA.


One response to “Few words from Japan – June2008

  1. I keep reading your blogs and really enjoy them, but this one was too hard to “not comment” 🙂 and I forwarded this to all I know. I am amazed by Japan and their timeliness and work culture. my dream is one day India and Bangalore will be like that – hopes hopes hopes 🙂

    Thanks for your wonderful blogs
    Manjunath M Gowda

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