A tribute to my friend Marc Orchant

It is with deep sadness I learnt about Marc Orchant’s passing away today. He had suffered a massive heart attack one week ago and never regained consciousness at the hospital in New Mexico.

Marc was my colleague at Foldera first and most recently at Curl since last few months as VP of developer relations. He had a fragrant personality that endeared him to one and all. Full of life, Marc exuded enthusiasm, energy and tremendous integrity. He was a famous blogger at ZDnet and more recently at BlogNations. His work in the collaboration software space, specially the Microsoft technology is well known. He was also very knowledgable in the mobile technology space. He carried all kinds of mobile devices and impressed everyone with his knowledge on the latest technology. His eloquence in writing and speech was legendary.

As they say, great souls leave behind those great qualities and values that everyone remembers. Marc was such a soul. As I say goodbye to my friend Marc, let his soul rest in peace on the other shore. My deepest sympathies to Sue Orchant, Marc’s wife and his children Jason and Rebecca.


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