Web 2.0 Expo

I am at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco being held at Moscone West. Tons of people, more than ten thousand they say. Jeff Bezos did a good job as keynote on Monday, where he explained the new strategy to monitize excess capacity – S3 (Shared Storage Services) and EC2 (Elastic Computing Cloud). Translation – use my storage in the cloud and computing capacity at low cost. The panel on “Build to Last or Build to Sell” was ho hum. Nothing new there. I attended couple other sessions, but learnt nothing new.

I am here on behalf of Curl, an exciting platform for building Rich Internet Applications fo rlarge enterprises. Try building complex dashboard and graphic BI screens using Ajax or even Adobe Flex2 (Apollo is yet to come out of alpha). Then add on top of the requirement – huge datasets, hundreds of thousands of concurrent users, extreme reliability, predictability of performance, and high scalability. This is not for the faint-hearted. Folks at MIT research spent years developing the Curl language, which unifies programming text, graphics, as well as a full-functional object oriented (typed with multiple inheritance) language into Curl. The result – extremely high productivity and compact code for building non-trivial business-critical web applications for the enterprise.

Most of the discussion of Enterprise 2.0 centers around blogs, wikis, social networking, tagging for the enterprise. Then who worries about the vast inventory of client-server apps. written over last 20 years, applications using Powerbuilder, Delhi, etc. These folks are stuck and simple wikis and blogs are not going to liberate these apps to the new Web 2.0 world. Curl is the answer to this pain point.

Curl is re-launching at Web 2.0 Expo after a very successful presence in Japan and Korea, with over 300 customers using it in serious business-critical applications at such companies as Toyota, Hitachi, Sony, Nissan, etc. It’s time, we discuss the front-end of SOA for large enterprises. Curl is the ideal front-end of SOA.


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